Welcome The Remote Nurse service & product portal! Here you will find a variety of courses, resources, and memberships to support your hunt for Remote Nursing, Nurse Practitioner, and Physician Assistant Jobs!

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The Remote Nurse Membership

The Remote Nurse Membership was designed to help you find and land your dream remote Nursing, Nurse Practitioner, or Physician Assistant job! Membership includes:

  • Early Alert Remote Nursing, NP, & PA Jobs
    • Receive private alerts for new remote jobs 1 whole week before the larger community

  • Remote-Friendly Resume Starter Kit
    • Use our Remote-Friendly resume template + tutorial videos to help you pass through the resume scanning robots 

  • Searchable Remote Company Database (600+ companies!)
    • Quickly identify companies that are most likely to hire you by your state, license, specialty, and more.

  • Video Library with Tips, Tricks & Hacks
    • Browse through a developing library of videos that will streamline your remote job hunt

Remote Nursing Jobs CRASH COURSE

This 2hr video course provides a solid groundwork for starting your remote nursing job hunt. You could spend months researching all the info you need to be successful... OR you could just sit back, relax, and learn it all in one video! Sections include:

  • About 'The Remote Nurse'
  • Intro to Telehealth & Remote Nursing
  • 20 Remote Nursing Jobs FAQ
  • 20 Types of Remote Nursing Jobs
  • Start Your Job Search
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