The Remote Nurse Membership

The Remote Nurse Membership

The Remote Nurse Membership was designed to help Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants find and land their dream remote job!

It's no secret that telehealth is booming. If you're here, you probably want to work from home as a clinician, but beginning a remote job hunt can be absolutely daunting. What do I even apply for? Which companies will hire me? My resume is from 10 years ago, is that OK? 

Now, you can probably research all of this on your own if you have the time. Like, a lot of time. But who does? Let me help you!

My name is Sadie. I am a remote RN and my husband, Tyler, is a remote Psych NP. We both work from home and have already accumulated years of experience researching this information for ourselves, and now for this community.

This membership was created to streamline your remote job hunt in order to get you one GIANT step closer to working from home, alleviating your burnout, and finally finding the work-life balance you deserve.

OK, So what's included in the membership?

1. Early Alert Remote Nursing, Nurse Practitioner, and Physician Assistant Jobs

  • Get alerted of new remote clinical jobs FIRST. Why is this important? I have found that around 40-50% of remote clinical job postings close within 1 week. This is because the competition is WILD! Each job posting gets hundreds of applicants, so the postings close pretty quick.
  • I find and share jobs from ALL over the internet + my networks and hold these private for my members for 1 whole week before they go public to The Remote Nurse community of 70,000+, so you can take advantage of this and get your apps in before the masses.
  • You will also receive the newest jobs directly to your email every weekday, so don't worry about HAVING to log in here every day. I mean, who has time for that?! 

2. Remote-Friendly Resume Starter Kit

  • Did you know that ~75% of online job applications are rejected by resume-scanning robots before ever making it to a human being? It's true, and because of this, it is critical to ensure that your resume is both formatted and worded just right. So, I have partnered with Amanda @ The Resume RX to provide you with a Remote Resume Starter Kit which includes an ATS-friendly resume template and multiple video tutorials on how to use the template AND pass the ATS.

3. Remote Company Database

  • Have you wondered which companies hire within your state, clinical license, and specialty? I got you! You will have access to my searchable Remote Company Database with over 600+ remote companies. Filter by your exact preferences and start targeting companies that actually need YOU!

4. Video Library

  • Browse through our ongoing video library for a variety of topics that will help your remote job hunt. Planned topics include overviews of remote specialty areas, job hunting tips, featured companies, resume tips, interviewing for remote jobs, and more.

Excited? Me, too!

Sign up today and start letting these resources work for you. Your dream remote job is waiting. You just need to find it!

P.S.-Membership is month-to-month, so you can cancel anytime :)

6 Modules

1. Early Alert Job List

Access our LIVE list of Early Alert Remote Nursing, NP, & PA Jobs

2. Remote-Friendly Resume Starter Kit

Download your Remote Friendly Resume and learn how to pass the ATS (resume robot scanners)

3. Remote Company Database

Access our LIVE database of 600+ remote companies, all searchable by your license, state, specialty, and more.

4. Video Library

Access our video library to help make your remote job search a success

5. The Remote Nurse Job-Seeker Database

Modules for this product 6
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